This is a page of travel related links, which now includes links to health and safety and other related topics. 
Over the life of this site I have been requested to add links to other travel related web sites and other web sites and have obliged in a number of cases. 
Unfortunately, these site have not invited me to evaluate the services they offer first hand, but I have listed them in good faith and cannot accept any responsibility if they do not perform as expected. 
If you feel that a link should not be listed here, please contact me using the Contact Form on the About page and I will investigate.

This page was getting quite large and sometimes taking time to load so has been split into two new pages, those related directly to travelling and those more related to health and safety.

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Travel Related Links   Links Related Directly to Travelling
Health and safety while travelling  

Links Related to Health and Safety while Travelling and Other Topics

Accommodation Links  

Accommodation Links
Links to accommodation in England (Cornwall, Devon and London), Wales, Australia (Melbourne and Hobart), Spain (Madrid and Malaga), Thailand and the USA (New Orleans).

Transport Links   Transport Related Links
Links to transport related sites such as Car Hire, Flights and parking.

Best Convertible Car Seat Guide HQ   The Picture Guide To Car Seat Safety 2017
This device is the only device you absolutely have to buy for a baby or your child can die.
You can rig random things to function as child-proofing at home or pick up things from a garage sale, but when it comes to your car seat, it HAS to be new, it HAS to be good quality, it HAS to be the right seat for your child and you HAVE to use it right or your child can DIE.
British Exploring Society   British Exploring Society
The British Exploring Society came into existence in 1932 from an educational idea by Commander George Murray Levick RN, a member of Captain Scott’s final Antarctic expedition of 1911 to 1912. 
Their aim is: “To provide young people with an intense and lasting experience of self-discovery in a demanding and natural wilderness environment”.  
Exploration is the key element of such an expedition, but the British Exploring Society expeditions also involve the Young Explorers in scientific activities. 
BES Application Form  

British Exploring Society Application Form
Please state that this form was downloaded from this web site at the question at the bottom of page 1:
“Where did you hear about BSES Expeditions?”
To view and print out this file you will require Acrobat Reader.  If you do not already have a copy, visit the Acrobat site to download the version for your operating system.
Visit Hugh’s world of panoramas …
A site that is being developed to relate specifically to panoramic photography to show the potential of this media and how it is able to convey much more than words or single images.
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a panorama must be worth ten thousand, especially a 360° (or spherical) panorama where you can look all around and in any direction you wish to.

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