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AngelBright Raising Money for Leukemia Research   Angelbright
On the 26th of February 2018, seven year-old Emily Brown lost her brave two-year battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, with a relapse to Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Emily was a bubbly, vibrant, dancing, singing, butterfly and rainbow loving little girl who bravely and stoically faced her grueling treatment.
On the 1st June 16 people including Anthony and Clair, Emily’s parents, competed in the Blenheim Triathlon, whilst several others have entered the Woolacombe half marathon to raise awareness of and money for Bloodwise and Mosaic.
Emily Avellana  

Bloodwise and Mosaic
In memory of a brave and courageous little girl who lost her battle with Leukemia her parents and friends are raising money for Bloodwise and Mosaic.
Bloodwise formerly known as Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, is the UK’s biggest blood cancer charity. It is here to beat blood cancer, to stop people dying from blood cancer, make patients’ lives better and stop people getting blood cancer in the first place.
Mosaic is a Dorset wide charity offering a pathway of support for bereaved children, young people and their families. Mosaic also offers support for those young people facing the death of someone close.

Andi Daunt - Twenty Miles to say Goodbye - He ran because he loved to run   Andi Daunt – Writer
Follow some of Hugh’s story, from his amazing childhood growing up on remote farms in Kenya, East Africa, during the 1950s and 60s to his adventures further afield, off the beaten track, as a land surveyor.
Hugh’s sister, Andi, tells of their life and fascinating experiences in her fast paced, interesting book, ‘Twenty Miles to say Goodbye‘, which can be purchased for a reasonable price on line at Amazon BooksLulu.com and other sources.
Maasai Family at Longido, Tanzania   Sponsor local projects in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya, or visit as a Volunteer
Projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania are helping the local communities to escape from poverty as epitomised by the School of St Judes motto “Fighting poverty through education”.You can help in country or from home knowing where your money, time and effort is going.Please visit my East Africapage to find out more.
Measurements fro 360° Panoramas   Measurements from 360° (Spherical) Panoramas
360° Panoramas have properties that can enable Angles (both Horizontal and Vertical) to be derived from various projections in the same way as using a Theodolite.
The Angles measured from two or more 360° Panoramas can be used to derive Measurements and Co-ordinates.
Ol Doinyo Lengai, The Mountain of God Tanzania   Photographs and Panoramas
Photographs, Panoramas and Images from a variety of locations around the world, including some of those taken during the 2004 BSES expedition to the Gregory Rift and Ol Doinyo Lengai in northern Tanzania.
There are useful links to Panorama related pages and web sites and notes from my own experiences with panoramic photography.
Lalibela   360° Panoramas
Links to 360° (Spherical) Panoramas.
The Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia, English Churches, Corporate Hospitality Suits, Property, Stereo Anaglyphs, Thermal Imaging and others.
The Iron Age Round House   Archaeology
The Iron Age Roundhouse
Once a ubiquitous feature in the landscape these structures are now few and far between, but knowledge gained by constructing these buildings has lead to them being better understood and the skills to build them learned.  You are able to have your own Iron Age Roundhouse built or courses on the construction of these buildings by contacting Anthony Brown.
Church of St Mary, Easton Neston   The Church of St Mary and St Lawrence’s Church
Photographs and Panoramas of the Church of St Mary, Easton Neston, and St Lawrence’s Church, Towcester, in Northamptonshire.
Service times for the Church of St Mary.
Travel Related Links   Links
Links to other sites of interest related to topics on this web site.
Travel Related Links
Over the life of this site I have been requested to add links to other travel related web sites and have obliged in a number of cases.  Unfortunately, these site have not invited me to evaluate the services they offer first hand, but I have listed them in good faith and cannot accept any responsibility if they do not perform as expected.  If you feel that a link should not be listed here, please contact me using the Contact Form on the About page and I will investigate.
360hugh.co.uk - Panoramas and 360° Panoramas   www.360hugh.co.uk
Visit Hugh’s world of panoramas …
A site that is being developed to relate specifically to panoramic photography to show the potential of this media and how it is able to convey much more than words or single images.
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a panorama must be worth ten thousand, especially a 360° (or spherical) panorama where you can look all around and in any direction you wish to.
    Contact details:     360musafa@gmail.com

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