Anaglyph (red blue/green) glasses are required to view these panoramas. 

The ‘stereo’ panoramas of Stourhead were made using a single DSLR camera with a 10.5 mm fisheye lens.

The camera was offset to one side by 32.5 mm on a Nodal Ninja NN3 and the first round of images taken.
The horizontal bar was then rotated through 180° so that the camera was now offset by 32.5 mm to the other side and a second round of images taken giving a separation of 65 mm.
Eight shots round for each set (16 total) provided sufficient overlap to give a good stitch.

Clearly this arrangement would only be good for static subjects as although the Mask tool in PTGui is great for dealing with movement between subsequent images it would not be so good for coping with people and animals moving between the two rounds and especially with a cloudy sky. 

Navigate between the Panoramas by clicking the Arrows.

The Compass icon in the bottom right hand corner can be used to toggle between Monochrome and Colour Anaglyphs. 


Nikon D800 and Nodal Ninja NN3

Stourhead 3D Anaglyph

3D Anaglyphs of Stourhead


St Marys 3D Panorama

St Marys, Easton Neston

Stourhead 3D Anaglyph