Things Changing Fast

Things were changing fast now that the wicked witch with her wicked lies and wicked spells was no more. We had better get out of here pronto thought Puff. While he was sleeping in the grove of trees while Prince Rupert, Princess Gorgeous and Princess Leznupar were having their reunion and long chats he had a dream and dreamt about the tall tower collapsing so he was anxious to get away as soon as possible. Princess Leznupar and Prince George did not hesitate as they could also see the changes taking place and immediately jumped onto Puff’s back and away they flew towards the snow capped mountains.  When they reached the mountains Puff stopped for a rest. It had been a busy night taking Prince Rupert back to the castle with the red and white shutters on the windows then Princess Gorgeous to the castle with the green and silver shutters on the windows and then bringing Prince George to the tall tower. As Puff looked back across the valley he realised his dream must have been something to do with ‘dragon time’ as he watched the tall tower collapse until it was just a pile of stones. Now that is going to cause the archaeologists a headache Puff thought as he remembered his safari to the Zimbabwe ruins. There was a mysterious tower and mysterious walls there and those carved stone birds, but that is another story for another time…

It was still mid morning when they had crossed the mountains and Puff did not want to frighten the people in the castles, towns and villages by them seeing him and he was also still quite tired and wanted to rest, so they waited until the sun had set and the moon had risen before continuing their journey. Puff had noticed that the lights in the castle with the green and silver shutters on the windows and in the town below had gone out first. He reasoned that they had all gone to bed early as they were all used to sleeping, but there was a light on in Prince George’s room which made him feel welcomed home. He was very pleased to climb in through the window and get back into the nice comfy bed that he had left so reluctantly the night before. Was it really only the night before? It seemed ages ago. It was now time to take Princess Leznupar back to her room. A room she had not seen for a long long time and she was very excited to be going home. For Puff it was happening again as before Princess Leznupar got off she gave him a big hug and kisses and whispered in his ear “Thank you Puff. I’ll always remember you helped us, you will always have a special place in my heart.” Once again, the second time in two nights Puff felt himself blushing, but as he was already red so it did not show.

Next morning all the people in the castle with the red and white shutters on the windows and in the town below were overjoyed to find that Princess Leznupar was back home and the Maid in the castle with the green and silver shutters on the windows was relieved to find Prince George tucked up in bed when she took him his favourite breakfast and no, it was not yesterdays breakfast heated up in the microwave, she had made it fresh for him that morning.

Now Puff had heard that when the two Princesses had been rescued from the tall tower there would be double wedding, perhaps his knowledge of this was something to do with ‘dragon time’, but it was really probably because Princess Leznupar had talked about it when they were resting on the mountain waiting for night to fall and the moon to rise.  This event was something he did not want to miss. There was a problem though as he did not want to frighten everybody and he had discussed this with Princess Leznupar when they were resting on the mountain and she had told him “Hakuna matata” as both she and Puff had learned a few Swahili words “Mimi mapenzi chunga”. They may not be exactly right but Puff understood that she would take care of the problem so he flew up into the mountains to find somewhere to sleep and wait for the double wedding which he and everyone else was looking forward to.

Next morning Leznupar summoned the Royal Printer and said he must print a pamphlet to be distributed to everyone in the castles, towns and villages. She had carefully thought of the words and wrote “On Saturday there will be a wonderful occasion for all the people who live beneath the mountains. There will be a double wedding when Princess Leznupar marries Prince George and Princess Gorgeous marries Prince Rupert. There will be a special guest at this wedding. His name is Puff and without him this event could never have taken place. There are no dragons on the other side of the mountain. This was a wicked lie by the wicked witch, but the wicked witch, her wicked lies and her wicked spells are no more. Puff is a Dragon, but he is a friendly Dragon and a very helpful Dragon. Please make him welcome.” The pamphlets were quickly printed off and when the fairies that lived by the pool by the waterfall in the glen saw it they thought that Puff must see it. Also, they had heard of another problem that there was a big discussion about. Should the wedding be at the castle with the red and white shutters on the windows or the castle with the green and silver shutters on the windows? So the fairies went to find Puff and take him one of the pamphlets.

The Adventures of Puff, the Magic Dragon