An unusual and intriguing memoir that embraces the essence and true spirit of people everywhere. Andi draws you into the heart of Africa, and with the sun warm on your shoulders, you meet its people, explore their land, and hear their stories. 

Having hitch-hiked through Europe in the Swinging 60s, Andi returns to Kenya with her husband and baby, to discover fascinating stories from her family’s early years in colonial Kenya. These captivating tales intertwine with Andi’s mother’s richly detailed and revealing letters and journals, which tell of her adventures in Egypt during the war, how she met her husband, and of her experiences raising her family on faraway farms on the equator.

Insights, sadness, and humour are shared as Andi’s path takes her further afield to Australia and New Zealand.
Twists of fate lead to a spontaneous invitation to join Kenyan athletes who openly share their own stories.

Sometimes tragic, or tense, often humorous and joyful, but always lively and interesting, Twenty Miles to say Goodbye should intrigue, sadden, and enchant.

ISBN  978-1-4834-3721-7

Available for a reasonable price on line at Amazon Books, and other sources.

Andi Daunt - Twenty Miles to say Goodbye - He ran because he loved to run   Extracts from Andi’s Book
This page contains a very small selection of extracts from Twenty Miles to say Goodbye to provide an insight into the contents of the book.
Extracts from Peggy Anderson's Journal  

Extracts from Peggy Anderson’s Journal
Andi’s Mum, Peggy Anderson, recorded her travels and adventures in journals providing an accurate record of her life during World War II in Egypt and post war life in East Africa.
This page contains just a few extracts from her journal  that are included in this real life story.

Jim, Ian Barbour, Pix & George - Sunday in Songhor   Photographs from the Book
The photographs in this gallery are those included in the centre of Twenty Miles to say Goodbye
The photographs in the book are all monochrome and not printed on photographic paper so this page provided these images as they were intended to be seen, even if you have copy of this wonderful record of a past era.
Family Tree for Twenty Miles to Say Goodbye   Family Tree for Twenty Miles to say Goodbye
Family trees for the people mentioned in Twenty Miles to say Goodbye.  

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