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Andi has also had a delightful children’s book published by Wendy Pye, Sunshine Books. 

He ran because he loved to run” tells the story of two young Kenyan boys who run long distances to school daily. Kipsang and Chui chase their dreams through the beautiful rugged Nandi Hills, taking every opportunity to pit their skills against other local runners. After hardship and many trials, they are selected for coaching and training at Iten, eventually becoming part of Kenya’s long distance running team and competing in international events overseas.

This exciting, inspirational story gives a realistic insight into the lives, struggles, and dreams of many of today’s Kenyan international runners as they strive to step out from the thousands of talented runners competing for a chance to run for their country, and change their lives.

… Often, when the boys were far away from home, they would smell the rain coming, and they would turn back and try to race it home. As they ran faster and faster, they would feel the air getting cooler, hear the distant rumble of thunder, and eventually hear the rain as it pounded the earth all around. It came down hard, stinging their faces like a thousand tiny spears. Lightening flashed as the dusty earth turned to slippery mud, with little streams appearing everywhere. The friends would run harder, and faster, until at last they reached the village and could take shelter in warm dry huts …

He ran because he loved to run‘ is part of Wendy Pye’s Sunshine Books’ Award Collection and Classic Collection, and is sold to schools throughout New Zealand, Australia, China, and parts of the US and UK. 

He ran because he loved to run‘ is part of the current “Classic Series” which was reprinted in 2015 (Level 24, Pack E) and is available from Lioncrest Education and Protea Bookshop.