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Blood Cancer UK - Fighting to keep Emily's light alive   Fighting to keep Emily’s light alive
Donate to Blood Cancer UK and help save other children and their families from this terrible disease and its painful journey.
Emily was just seven years old but fought to the bitter end and always kept smiling.
Your donation will help save others on this traumatic journey and enable them to “ring the bell”.
Blood Cancer UK   Blood Cancer UK (formerly Bloodwise)
Dedicated to beating blood cancer since 1960.
Blood Cancer UK is a community determined to beat blood cancer by funding research that takes us closer to a cure.
Donate to Blood Cancer UK.
CLIC Sargeant   Young Lives vs Cancer  –  CLIC Sargent
When a child is diagnosed with cancer life becomes full of fear, for them and their family. Fear of treatment, but also of families being torn apart, overwhelming money worries, of having nowhere to turn, no one to talk to.
Your gift will help a family find the strength to face whatever cancer throws at them with the support of a social worker from Young Lives vs Cancer.
Henly Regatta   360° Panoramas
If a picture is worth a thousand words then a panorama must be worth ten thousand, especially a 360° (or spherical) panorama where you can look all around and in any direction you wish to.
Cracking Nuts   Cracking Nuts
Cracking Nuts – they are absolutely passionate about nuts, natural ingredients and North Devon!

Cracking Nuts was born in early Spring in 2014 after it struck them just how moorish and tasty the humble nut can be.
They have found a 200 year old German recipe and by experimenting with it a little have come up with a traditional range of sweet cinnamon, salty and chilli roasted peanuts, cashews and almonds, all with our own unique modern twist.
Conygar Coppice   Conygar Coppice
The ancient technologies that have shaped the English countryside for millennia are kept alive today by dedicated people who have become skilled in these ancient crafts. 
Conygar Coppice is a web site that provides a gateway into this fascinating world of Iron Age Roundhouses, Hedge laying, Hurdles and Fencing and even Composting Toilets.
Transport Links   Travel Related Links including links to health and safety sites
Over the life of this site I have been requested to add links to other travel related web sites and include links to health and safety and other related topics and have obliged in a number of cases.  Unfortunately, these site have not invited me to evaluate the services they offer first hand, but I have listed them in good faith and cannot accept any responsibility if they do not perform as expected.  If you feel that a link should not be listed here, please contact me using the Contact Form on the About page and I will investigate.
360 Bete Giorgis Lalibela Ethiopia   Links to Panorama Related Sites and Software
Links include PTGui, Pano2VR, panoramic tripod head suppliers and 360° panoramas.
Retirement-Caricature   Hugh Anderson: a 360° view of Retirement
Tribute published in Geomatics World May / June 2012 on the occasion of retirement after 23 years with Leica Geosystems.
Seeing Life Through A Different Lens   Seeing Life through a Different Lens by Victoria Knight
Tribute published in the Hexagon “Together” magazine, Issue 2 2012 (December 2012).
Leica Geosystems is one of the many companies under the Hexagon umbrella.
The Adventures of Puff, the Magic Dragon   The Adventures of Puff, the Magic Dragon
The Adventures of Puff evolved to keep my Grandchildren occupied on car journeys both short and long. Naturally the story varied in its telling and could start and end at different places depending on the selection by the children. The story is made up of fact, fiction, fantasy, fables and fairy tales. This could be the definitive version, but then again, maybe not…
Find Every Series, Every Book, Every Author in Perfect Sequence   Find Every Series, Every Book, Every Author in Perfect Sequence
Explore Your Favorite Authors’ Work. Discover Complete Book Series in Order. is a free online resource where we aim to be the best resource for Books In Order information. We hope to eventually offer full and comprehensive book order listings of every single author and every series they have ever written both in publication order and chronological order.
Everest - Tori James   Tori James reached the summit of Mount Everest at 7:30am on Thursday 24th May 2007 and is the first ever Welsh Woman to stand on top of the world.  Tori worked as the Young Explorer Coordinator at BES Expeditions for three years.  In 2005 Tori raced to the Magnetic North Pole as a member of the Pink Lady® PoleCats team.  Tori became the youngest ever female to complete The Scott Dunn Polar Challenge, a gruelling 360-mile race to the Magnetic North Pole.   On 2nd October 2006 Tori made it to the summit of Cho Oyu (the 6th highest peak in the world!) in preparation to climb Mount Everest. 
podia - Everything you need to sell courses, webinars, downloads, and memberships.   Everything you need to sell courses, webinars, downloads, and memberships
With everything on a single platform, you don’t have to choose just one type of digital product.
Online courses – Host unlimited files and videos, offer payment plans, upsells, quizzes, drip content, and student comments.
Memberships – Earn recurring revenue by launching a membership with unlimited plans, posts, and files.
Here’s a quick Google search to highlight some of the ways photographers are using our platform to make money:
How to Create a Website   How to Create a Website
Made for beginners: The guide is very detailed, yet very easy to follow – even if you’re not very technical.
Platform specific: We’ll use WordPress (free). Your website will be set up the right way on the right platform for what you need.
The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide   The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide
Social media platforms are forever changing the image sizes and formats, so this site has re-created the 2019 social media image sizes cheat sheet and updated it to 2020.
“The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide” explains what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization.
The Ultimate Savings Guide for Beginner Photographers 50+ Tips and Resources   The Ultimate Savings Guide for Beginner Photographers: 50+ Tips and Resources
Wondering how to save money while getting started with photography? The tips and tricks here can help:
This is a beginner’s guide to photography aimed at bringing novices to a higher level without breaking the bank. There are plenty of tips for saving and some of the basics of how to get started in photography. 
Analogue Wonderland   The Best Film Photography Guide for Beginners
It’s possible that film photography might seem a little bit intimidating at first since there are a few new concepts to learn, but honestly once you have the basics crystal clear, the rest is pure experimentation and joy.
This guide has been built to make your entry into the world of analogue photography as easy and clear as possible.
Analogue Wonderland   Buy Film Online
Quality Analgue cameras are available at very reasonable prices or perhaps you already have one.
These are the best-selling films available.
Over 200 different films across 35 mm, 120, large format, instant and more.
If you’re totally new to Film Photography then head over to our Beginner’s Guide to brush up on the basics.
The Ancient Technology Centre, Cranbourne, Dorset   Ancient Technology CentreCranborne, Dorset
Panoramic images at the Ancient Technology Centre in Cranborne, Dorset, inside the Earthouse, Roundhouse and Viking Longhouse.
Panoramic Photography by Hugh Anderson ~
British Exploring Society   British Exploring Society The British Exploring Society (formerly ‘The British Schools Exploring Society’) came into existence in 1932 from an educational idea by Commander George Murray Levick RN, a member of Captain Scott’s final Antarctic expedition of 1911 to 1912.  Their aim is: “To provide young people with an intense and lasting experience of self-discovery in a demanding and natural wilderness environment”.  Exploration is the key element of such an expedition, but the British Exploring Society expeditions also involve the Young Explorers in scientific activities. 
Cheeky Munkey   IT for Charities: A Guide
The aim is to provide small charities, who lack advanced resources, with a guide to help them overcome their everyday IT problems.
A vast number of charities have been contacted about the idea and the response has been with much enthusiasm in with many certain it would be of great use to them.
NCTEch iSTAR   nctech
The iSTAR® is precision engineered like no other camera and its construction pushes the very limits of today’s manufacturing and lens technology.
Fully automatic, instant, 360 degree panoramic camera delivering high resolution spherical images in seconds!
Nodal Ninja   Nodal Ninja
Nodal Ninja is a specially designed spherical tripod head allowing the photographer to adjust a camera and lens so the “entrance pupil” (front nodal point) is exactly over its correct rotational axis. Their web site states “The lightest smallest panoramic tripod head on the market today. Nodal Ninja is a solution for both amateurs and professionals alike that seek precision, portability, reliability as well as top notch support.”
Red Door, Nodal Ninja Supplies in the UK   Red Door VR Limited UK are UK stockists and Business to Business distributors of Nodal Ninja, Giottos, Panosaurus, Promote® Control, VR panoramic photographic hardware, equipment and software, and adapters for using the Nodal Ninja NN3 for Spherical Panoramas for use with Leica HDS Scanners.
Red Door VR Limited are an exclusively a Mail Order supplier based in the UK (Leeds and Lancaster), and their website is their  virtual showroom.  They are a small specialist company, who pride themselves on their level of product knowledge and customer satisfaction.
Gane & Marshall   Gane and Marshall are specialists in African safaris and provided the logistical support for our BSES expedition to Northern Tanzania in 2004.  They have a wealth of knowledge and experience of  travel in this wonderful part of the world.  Gane and Marshall have been organizing Kilimanjaro climbs since 1991, and in 2009 Jeremy Gane was appointed project manager and guide for the Comic Relief celebrity Kilimanjaro climb.  Take an African safari with Gane and Marshall and see a wide variety of natural wonders found in landscapes that have remained unspoiled for many hundreds of years. Gane and Marshall organise safaris and treks to: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius.
LSS - McCarthy Taylor   McCarthy Taylor Systems Ltd is an independent software house specialising in 3D terrain modelling software. This is used across a wide range of industries and applications ranging from mineral extraction, land surveying, hydrographic design and surveying, civil engineering, construction, landscape architecture, consultancy, to air and traffic accident investigation, geotechnical engineering, waste management and archaeology. This software was used to model the crater of Ol Doinyo Lengai.

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