Andi Daunt – Writer

Follow some of Hugh’s story, from his amazing childhood growing up on remote farms in Kenya, East Africa, during the 1950s and 60s to his adventures further afield, off the beaten track, as a land surveyor.
Hugh’s sister, Andi, tells of their life and fascinating experiences in her fast paced, interesting book, ‘Twenty Miles to say Goodbye‘, which can be purchased for a reasonable price on line at Amazon Books, and other sources.

Twenty Miles To Say Goodbye  

Twenty Miles to say Goodbye     [ISBN  978-1-4834-3721-7]
An unusual and intriguing memoir that embraces the essence and true spirit of people everywhere.  Andi draws you into the heart of Africa, with the sun warm on your shoulders, you meet its people, explore their land and hear their stories. These captivating tales intertwined with Andi’s Mum’s richly detailed and revealing letters and journals, which tell off adventuress in Egypt during World War II to raising her family near the equator.

He ran because he loved to run  

He ran because he loved to run     [ISBN  976-644-759-4]
The story of two young Kenyan boys who run long distances to school daily. Kipsang and Chui chase their dreams through the beautiful rugged Nandi Hills, taking every opportunity to pit their skills against other local runners. After hardship and many trials, they are selected for coaching and training at Iten, eventually becoming part of Kenya’s long distance running team and competing in international events overseas.